Don't Drive With Broken Brakes

Stop in for a brake pad or rotor job in Manahawkin, NJ

Every vehicle has brake pads, and over time, these pads wear down. Rotors can also grind away over years of use, leaving you with a dangerous ride. When you feel your car isn't braking like it used to, come to Manahawkin Shell Transmission, Tire & Auto for new brake pads or rotors.

We'll take a close look at your vehicle to figure out the exact problem before performing repairs. That way, you know your brakes will work right again.

Stay safe on the Manahawkin, NJ roads with proper brakes. Get the brake pad or rotor repair you need by scheduling an appointment today.

What to expect when you get a brake job

Whether you have a brake pad issue or need new rotors, let Manahawkin Shell Transmission, Tire & Auto provide the repairs. We can:

  • Diagnose your brake problem
  • Provide a quote for repairs
  • Schedule and perform the work

If you hear a squeak or feel a skid whenever you brake, come into our Manahawkin, NJ shop to get the problem fixed. Drive safely with the help of Manahawkin Shell Transmission, Tire & Auto.